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Did you know our success rate for putting pastors on the field over the past 28 years is an astounding 80%? Of our nearly 1,100 graduates, over 900 are in full time ministry in 27 Indian States, Nepal and Burma.

India 2008 Student Body03

People's Baptist Ministries founded People's Baptist Bible College and Seminary in 1980. The school has only one purpose: to train, lead to and motivate nationals in the word God to win souls, make disciples and mature the saints by planting churches. Various Classes02
In the spring of 2008 we graduated 86 students.  We praise the Lord that 68 men went into full-time ministry from this graduating class.

We teach these young men and women exactly what you would if you are here. We teach them to know the Bible inside and out and win souls.

There are over 360 students enrolled for 2008-2009 school year. These are young men who believe they are called to the ministry and young ladies who will go out to be Christian school teachers and on the job evangelists winning Indian women to the Lord.

The Bible college and seminary is the grand engine of evangelism and church planting for India.  A native Indian can be trained at PBBC&S including tuition, room and board, books, and supplies for only $720 per year!Auditorium and Entrance to Campus02

Northern India Bible College
Lord willing, we need to start another Bible College in northern India.  It will be located in the state of Punjab. Why Punjab?  Because the area is so open to the Gospel.  Moreover, this would give us an open door to reach the seven northern Indian states (1. Jammu and Kashmir. 2. Himachal Pradesh. 3. Uttar Pradesh. 4. Uttarnchal. 5. Punjab. 6. Haryana. 7. Gujarat and even Pakistan!

A Great Undertaking
In the next 10 years, we are asking the Lord for 500-700 churches planted in these 7 States and Pakistan. Pakistanis cannot come south because of the conflict between India and Pakistan.

Views of the Campus02

 Auditorium in Rear and Administration, Classroom and Dorm Facilities Foreground

auditorium,class rooms,conference hall and administration building

Auditorium Exterior

Boy's dorm02
auditorium inside02

Inside Our Auditorium

Mission Field0202

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