Endorsements of Dr. G.S. Nair from some who have visited the ministry in India… 

“The good hand of God is evident everywhere I looked. You love the people and they love you. Your sacrifice for them is abundantly evident everywhere, as is your genuine love for their souls.  I doubt that anyone anywhere has started more churches, supported more pastors than you have, and you have never seemed to grow weary in well-doing. Your vision appears to be larger now than ever.” Dr. Bob Jones III, Chancellor   Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC

 “I had never met a person who was so fervent about winning the people of his nation to Christ. His love for the Lord, servant’s heart, and passion for the lost was compelling. It wasn’t long before our church began to support the ministry of FBMI. I can think of no better place to encourage with your prayers and support with your finances.”  Rev. Barry Somerville, Pastor    Finger Lakes Baptist Church, Geneva, NY

“Dr. G.S. Nair manifests the fruit of the Spirit in his daily walk. He has reproduced himself thousands of times over as the graduates of his Bible College and extension schools have evangelistically infiltrated a nation that will soon become the most populous on the face of the earth. Though Dr. Nair has been used to establish children’s homes, Bible colleges, and various other innovative evangelistic outreaches, the heartbeat of Peoples Baptist Ministries from day one has been church planting. Thousands of churches have already been planted, and yet there is no maintenance mentality.

Dr. Nair is still a visionary, and the fields are white unto harvest. If our missionary budget ever got to the place where only one missionary could be supported, G. S. Nair would be that missionary! I have never seen so much return on one’s missionary dollar. It is a privilege to call this modern-day Paul ‘my friend,’ and I whole- heartedly encourage you to help ride the wave of what God is doing in India.”  Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh, Pastor     Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple, Johnstown, RI

“Dr. Nair is a specially gifted man of vision for his people and the world.  Taking Biblical doctrinal stands has cost him potential support, but he remains committed to the Gospel and its proclamation.  Compromise is not an option. From the colleges, children’s homes, layman’s schools, church plants, I can enthusiastically commend the ministry of PBM, and its founder, Dr. G.S. Nair.

Our church (of 70 members,) supports the ministry with a minimum commitment of over $700 per month, then, always tries to give additional funds as we are made aware of special needs.” Rev. Stuart G. Hunt, Pastor       First Baptist Church, Damascus, PA


Further comments by: Rev. Mathan K. Kurian, Academic Dean, Peoples Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Trivandrum, Kerala India

“It is indeed a great privilege to live during the time of a man of God like Dr. G. S. Nair, who is mightily used by God specially in a nation and generally around the globe. I have been literally amazed by his life and the way the Lord uses him for His glory for the last long 40 plus years. I have had the privilege of serving the Lord with Dr. Nair for the past 22 years.

During this long period of time Dr. Nair and the dedicated team with him has taught and trained and discipled more than 25,000 people including pastors, evangelists and laymen through Bible colleges, extension schools, pastors meetings, seminars and special classes all over India, Nepal and Myanmar

A man of Passion

He has the ability to get the job done. His result producing leadership is a part of his character. He always stands for what is right with backbone. He has a consistent conviction. His commitment, character, communication, competence and courage etc. cannot be compared easily. He has a real vision of mission and the passion and charisma to achieve it with positive attitude and self-discipline by trusting the Lord. He is generous and listening. His discerning spirit and problem solving ability are challenging. His administrative ability and leadership qualities are unique. Yes, he is a well-balanced great godly man.

 A man of Prayer and Devotion

Even though so busy he finds time to read, meditate and study the Word personally and teach others. And he finds time for personal private prayer every morning and evening and even other times too. He motivates others to trust in the lord for everything. He has an exemplary lifestyle which is completely controlled by the Word, prayer and faith.

 And a man of Compassion

He has a pastoral heart and the churches he established are evidence of it. The Bible colleges and the extension Bible schools he started across the nation prove his desire to give competent theological education to the people who will be able to teach others. Tailoring schools, technical institutions and other job oriented projects shows his concern for the unemployed. Children’s homes, old age homes, widows care project, drug and leprosy rehabilitation centers etc. are evidences of his compassionate heart.

The world is yet to see what the Lord is going to do in and through him in the days ahead. It is my sincere wish and prayer that the Lord may keep on using him more effectively until the Master’s return.

Truly he is a man of prayer, faith, courage, conviction, vision, passion, compassion and much more…..I would say, A LIVING LEGEND.…., ‘ holding forth the word of life; that he may rejoice in the day of Christ, that he had not run in vain, neither labored in vain ‘.”