Here’s What Others Are Saying About
G.S. Nair & the Ministry in India.

First, from those who have actually visited and seen the ministry in India:

It gives me great pleasure to write to you concerning my association with my good friend G. S. Nair.

Pastor Nair and I came to know each other in 1983. 

As we got to know each other we became kindred spirits in his mission to reach the wonderful land of India for Christ.

His love for the Lord and the people of his homeland is quite contagious.

I have also had the opportunity to set up meetings in many other churches for brother Nair, some of which have added support to his work. 

I have also been blessed to travel to India a half dozen times to experience the ministry first hand. 

The students in the Bible college ministries are eager to serve the Lord and attend to their studies.

The faculty and staff are dedicated to the work God has called them to. 

Pastors are always anxious to welcome you to their churches and excited to receive the word of God.

The Lord has raised up this ministry from scratch through the efforts of Pastor Nair and three of his friends. 

From those early beginnings thousands have been saved and over 4,600 churches established. 

I can think of no better way to support world evangelism than through this ministry. It has been a great blessing to lend a hand through prayer, preaching and teaching, and financial giving over the years. 

    - Pastor & Mrs. Barry Somerville Seneca Falls, NY

I first met GS Nair over 25 years ago. 

My first impression of him was his incredible humility, life of prayer, and desire to give glory to God for what was going on in India. 

I have had the opportunity to visit him in India several times and taking my son and other leaders in our church. 

I am not sure I have ever seen such an extraordinary work in evangelism, training of pastors, and church planting. 

I consider him to be one of the greatest servants to Christ I have ever known and one of the greatest personal friends.

    - Matt Olson, Pastor, church planter, former college president Lafayette, CO

G. S. Nair is one of the most honest and compassionate men I have met.

He has a true heart for the Lord.

He works every day for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

We were blessed several years ago at our local church in Florida to me G.S. and his son Timothy.  

One of the needs G.S. brought to our attention was the Tsunami Children’s Home.  

The home was going to close without funding.

God placed it in our hearts (my wife Valerie and I) to fund the home.  

Without G.S.’s tireless efforts we would not have known about the urgent need for these children.

Several years later we were blessed to travel to India to meet the children and dedicate a new building for the Children’s Home.

We visited the Children’s Home, G.S.’s Church, one of the Seminaries, his home and family.   

By the way, his wife Sarah is a great cook!

It’s now been around ten years that we have been supporting the ministry through the Children’s Home. 

So, we have known G.S. all that time.

G.S. is a humble man.  

He won’t say this, but I will.  

The growth of his ministry is nothing short of a miracle.

One man with a calling from God has put together an organization that has saved hundreds of thousands of souls for the Lord.

He has rescued orphans, widows and put thousands of new pastors on the ground for the Lord.

We are called as Christians to do just the things G.S. has accomplished.  

I have never met anyone else personally who has fulfilled the Great Calling better than G.S. Nair.

I would recommend G.S. and his ministry to any and all.

    - Mark and Valerie Swick St. Pete Beach, FL

I have known Pastor Nair since the early 1980s when he was a young man just beginning the ministry in India.

I remember that he had a very solid understanding of the Bible and was very much in line with what I believed and was taught. 

In 1994, I had the opportunity to visit Pastor Nair in India. He has been true to the scriptures. 

I know His wife Sarah and their children. 

I feel privileged to continue to be a part of helping him as he ministers here in the USA. 

    - Buck and Bonnie Hornor Bradenton, FL

These are just two reasons that I support the ministry.

 1. The dedication to seeing people saved and baptized.

2. Training pastors and church leaders.

My wife and I have been there and had the opportunity to see the ministry first hand. It is outstanding.

    - Dave Kimmel Plymouth, WI

I have known Dr. G.S. Nair for several decades and count him one of my dearest friends in the ministry.

I have been in his home, and he has been in mine, and he is both in the pulpit and out of the pulpit a wonderful Christian man, husband, father, and pastor.

Few men have God's anointing like G.S., and God has used him to impact the nation of India and the world like none other.  He is a modern-day Apostle Paul. 

In my thirty-five years of pastoring, our churches have heavily supported Dr. Nair, and Karen and I continue to support him personally on a monthly basis.

I have often said that if we only had the money to support one missionary, it would be G.S. Nair.  Your missionary dollar will be maximized if given to the Fundamental Baptist Mission to India.

Jeff Amsbaugh
Associate Professor of Bible
Pensacola Christian College
Pensacola, FL

More Endorsements

From others here in the USA...

My wife and I look for opportunities to give where God is clearly at work; We love to give to support church planting ministries.

When we look at the results of this great work of God, and consider the nearly 5,000 independent Baptist Churches that exist in India through the work and effort of Brother G.S., it becomes an easy decision to give to such a worthy cause.

    - Dave and Merrilee Schwanke Wilton, NH

My wife and I support Pastor Nair and his ministry because...

It is our desire to support ministries that have both a long term view that is committed to spreading the gospel and a near term view that continually drives to find ways to expand and improve the ministry. 

We have known and supported Pastor Nair for any years and we see these characteristics in him personally as well as in the results of his ministry achieved over a lifetime of service.

    - Glenn and Lisa Darth Groton, MA

G.S. Nair is passionate about spreading the gospel.

His compassion for others and his great desire to see souls saved is evident in all he does.

It is a joy to have a part in such a wonderful ministry.

    - Sue Adey Steubenville OH

I support GS because of several reasons.

1. He is a proven leader.  His military training and his love for the Lord provided him with the wisdom and experience to solve challenges.

2. GS can flawlessly and simultaneously harmonizes several large-scale ministries with complete success across large swathes of geography.

3. His main gift is to rely on the Lord and endure to the end.His humble demeanor and quiet persons belies his enormous capacity to visualize and solicit support in a meaningful manner that encourages donors to continue support with confidence.  

4. Demonstrated past performance of training the next generation of preachers will undoubtedly continue until Jesus returns.

    - Lt. Colonel & Mrs. Eric M Hainzer Woodbridge, VA

We are honored to support G.S. Nair in his missions. We feel that he is a true servant to our Lord in the ministry that he does.

He shows great enthusiasm for the Lord as he spreads the word.

I would highly recommend that any church support him. 

    - Carol Pratt for the Missions Committee at Calvary Baptist Church Hansen, MA

G.S. is a real soul winner.

One who can be trusted.

I have known him since 1980 and he is a good friend. 

I have financially supported his ministry for many years and will continue to do so.

Without reservation, I would recommend him. 

    - Pastor Jim Sheppard - Marion, AR

We support Nair because we know of no better investment in souls. 

It is a privilege to encourage brother Nair's ministry.

    - Dave and Claire Hall  - Bow, NH

I was blessed to hear Bro Nair speak at our church and was invited to have a meal with him!  

I sat across the table and felt I was on the mission field as he answered my questions and I saw the deep love and commitment he has for his India!  

My spirit within me burned! 

What an honor and a privilege to share in the wonderful work the LORD is doing in India!  

I believe in using GOD’s money where GOD is greatly moving!  

I’m looking forward to meeting all of my new brothers and sisters one day soon!  

All because of CHRIST!

    - Brenda Thomas - Grandview, MO

My husband and I support Pastor Nair and his ministry in India because he lives God's Word.

He demonstrates his great faith in God on a daily basis.

Through the Bible colleges and seminaries, many men have been and are being trained to serve God, to spread the gospel, plant churches and train others to share the gospel.  The students spend their summer reaching others through the Summer Ministries.

His ministry fulfills God's command to care for orphans and widows with the Children's Homes, the home for the abused girls, an assisted living home for elderly believers, and a ladies' home for poor widows.

In a country which is currently persecuting Christians, GS Nair boldly continues to preach God's word.

    - Mike and Suzanne Asbury - Dwight, KS

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