If you like challenges, this is a worthy one.

India is the second-largest mission field on earth. And this field is white unto harvest. Only China is bigger; however, according to a United Nations study, India is set to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2022.[1]

But India has been a closed mission field since 1978, which means India can only be reached by native missionaries.

And, as the Lord would have it, this turns out to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to reach any people group.

Here are two reasons to invest in PBM India:

  • The man—G.S. Nair
    • He’s not just a “church planter,” but he has created a system to produce “church-planting pastors.”
    • He’s not just a “pastor-teacher,” but he’s an educator who develops “pastor-teachers.”
    • He’s not just a soul winner, but he’s a soul-winning leader who teaches others how to win souls.
    • He’s not just a “humanitarian,” but he’s an “evangelical humanitarian leader” who has created a charitable organization that actually does and says everything we say we believe in.
  • The organization the man built—People’s Baptist Ministries to India (PBMI)

PBM India is a life-changing, dynamic, and proven ministry that is run and controlled by one local church, People’s Baptist Church of Trivandrum, Kerala State, India. G.S. Nair is the founder and pastor of this church.

Following the Lord Jesus Christ and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Dr. G.S. Nair and his team have been fulfilling the Great Commission since 1976. The burden of seeing millions going to hell and the compassion of our Savior motivated them to forsake all and give their lives for the cause of Christ.

In 1976, after graduating from Bible College, G.S. Nair and three other students with only $5 and the leadership of the Holy Spirit went out to hold street meetings, give testimonies, hand out tracts, conduct Bible studies, and do personal discipleship; a work that ultimately led to the establishment of new churches.

They called their group Kerala Baptist Gospel Team. Kerala is the name of the state where they started.

A Proven, Repeatable, and Sustainable Model

Their success in soul-winning, church planting, and disciple creation stems from their use of a proven model that’s repeatable and sustainable from one generation to the next.

It is their summer evangelistic church planting ministry…

Instead of going home for summer break, many of the students and faculty from the Bible colleges volunteer to become part of evangelistic teams that spread out all over India. A summer ministry can cover as many as 15 states.

Typically, 60-70 teams are sent out, with 6-8 students and faculty members in each team.
Here’s what they do:

  • Door-to-door visitation, inviting people to gospel meetings.
  • Hand out tracts.
  • Hold street meetings
  • Hold Bible studies.
  • Preach the gospel, sing, and give testimonies at evangelistic meetings.
  • Deal one-on-one with inquirers.
  • Lead people to the Lord.
  • Hold gospel meetings in an effort to evangelize and plant churches.
  • Do follow-up work that results in home Bible studies and new church plants.

Through these efforts, over 5,000 churches (with over 500,000 souls) in all states of India and in some neighboring countries since 1976.

People’s Baptist Ministries to India (PBMI) has been using this same proven method of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting for nearly 40 years.

In 1980, as a ministry of People’s Baptist Church, G.S. founded Peoples Baptist Bible College and Seminary (PBBC&S) in order to train nationals to establish local Baptist churches throughout India and beyond.

The mission is threefold:

  • Win souls to Christ
  • Establish local churches
  • Disciple the new converts for further evangelism

Since 1980, they’ve graduated over 5,000 church-planting pastors leading over 5,000 churches with over 500,000 members. Their success rate for putting pastors on the field over the past 42 years is over 85 percent.

It’s your money, and you should invest it wherever you feel you’ll get the best return.

The Lord has entrusted to each of us a certain amount of resources. They are all within our power to use and invest how we see fit.

But one thing is for sure, the Lord loves a cheerful giver.

By investing in PBMI, you have the opportunity to change the world––one soul at a time––by investing in a ministry with a 42-year track record of results using a proven, repeatable, and sustainable model.

Plus, you are investing in the lives of:

  • A leadership team that is fervent about soul-winning and church planting.
  • Pastors who’ve put their lives on the line to preach the gospel.
  • Students that have been carefully selected because of their commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Widows who are often rejected by their families because of their faith in Christ.
  • The fatherless who need to learn of their Heavenly Father’s love.
  • Lepers who are treated as outcasts.
  • Persecution and disaster victims who need to see the love of Christ.

“God is no man’s debtor.”

[1] Emma Batha, “India Set to Overtake China as World’s Most Populous Country by 2022: UN,” July 30, 2015. Available online: http://www.interaksyon.com/article/115117/india-set-to-overtake-china-as-worlds-most-populous-country-by-2022-un (accessed August 19, 2015).

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