Soul Winning, Education, and Church Planting Ministries

Bible Colleges and Seminary

PBMI operates 4 Bible colleges and a seminary. The first Bible college and seminary (founded in 1980) is located in Trivandrum, Kerala State, India. The other two Bible colleges are located in the states of Chhattisgarh (central India) and Punjab (Northern India).

The schools have only one purpose: to lead nationals to the Word of God and to train and motivate them to win souls, make disciples, and mature the saints by planting churches.

Church Planting and Summer Outreach Ministry

The summer outreach ministry is the grand engine of our church planting model in India. We’ve used it for over 42 years because it works.

Instead of going home for summer break, many of their students and all faculty members (it’s a requirement for faculty) serve with evangelistic teams, traveling throughout India to reach many for Christ.

Typically, 60-70- teams are sent out, with 6-8 students and faculty members in each team.

Here’s what each team does:

  • Invite people to gospel meetings through door-to-door evangelism
  • Hand out hundreds of thousands of tracts each summer
  • Hold street meetings, Bible studies, and cottage meetings
  • Preach, sing, and give testimonies at evangelistic meetings
  • Deal one-on-one with inquirers, seeking to lead them to Christ
  • Do follow-up work that results in Bible studies, baptism of new converts, and establishing of new churches

The Results
Through these efforts, over 5,000 churches (with over 500,000 souls) in all the states of India have been founded (plus 80 more churches in neighboring countries).

Another 150 home Bible studies are being conducted in preparation for becoming newly organized local assemblies. Plans are also being made to enter Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other countries.

The students who do this work under difficult conditions for 10 weeks...

PROVES their dedication to the cause.
And this is why Peoples Baptist Ministries to India is so different from any other ministry, and WHY they've been so extraordinarily successful.

These men are being taught by experience to endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist and make full proof of their ministry (2 Timothy 4:5)

They are pastors and teachers in training whose job will be to perfect the saints, work the ministry, and edify of the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-12).

Bible College Extension Schools

We have 41 schools located in eight different states––Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Orissa, Andhra, two in Telangana, Manipur, and Assam––and the country of Myanmar. We teach over 800 students. This work-study program offers an eight-week course spread over two years for men who work and can’t afford time off to attend Bible College full-time.

Since 1984 over 84% are in full-time service. Our extension school graduates are effectively working in villages and small towns, planting churches.

Women’s Ministry Vocational Training Centers

Two centers offer a two-year course that trains nationals to do the work of the ministry.

Indian culture often forbids a man to speak to an unfamiliar woman, making it difficult for pastors to communicate the gospel to women. To overcome this problem, we train young women for missionary work among the women and children of India. They are taught church-related ministries such as orphan work, Vacation Bible Schools, and Christian grade schools.

Through vocational training in sewing, knitting, and embroidering, women are taught life-sustaining skills and the means to spread the gospel as they teach others. Upon graduation, each woman is given a sewing machine. This is a valuable resource for earning income and sharing the gospel.

Private Schools

The mission also oversees 8 private schools (7 in India and 1 in Nepal) with an enrollment of over 2,100 students. They are not labeled as “Christian” but private instead. This gives the opportunity to present the Gospel in an unencumbered way. Many non-Christian parents send their children to these schools because of the quality of education their children receive. Hundreds of children and many of their parents have come to know the Lord through this outreach. Recently, one of the Schools in Manipur State conducted a youth camp where forty came to know the Lord.

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